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Friday, December 17, 2004
A young lady from Kuwait named Maryam caused me to create this blog. Her ambition is to become an astronaut (or cosmonaut, taikonaut or whatever; it doesn't matter that much once up there). I envy and honor her ambition, because I feel what we do in space will be the most important thing that we will leave our great- great- great- grandchildren.

What we leave to these distant generations is rarely thought about and discussed today, but it must be. Societies exploring outward thrive and remain healthy; societies that don't turn inward and degenerate. This has been shown to be true hundreds of times throughout human history.

So this site is dedicated to the discsussion of space exploration as a necessary human endeavour; sources of information, debates on approaches, and anything else people wish to bring up in this arena.

Many thanks, Maryam; and never give up on your goal!
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